About Us

For more than 20 years, WHITE SPHERE has been performing a full range of works related to the construction of water entertainment and recreation facilities, and specifically: designing, performing construction and installation works, as well as managing entertainment facilities.

The list of our works includes the construction of vitality pools, SPA zones, swimming and entertainment, rehabilitation and sports pools, water parks and open-water pools using the most advanced technologies.

The geography of our facilities is wide and covers all of Russia and foreign countries. Today, our pools and waterparks have been built and successfully operate in the Krasnodar Region (Anapa, Adler, Nebug, Lazarevskoye), in the South of Russia (Yalta, Sudak, Simeiz, Yevpatoria), St. Petersburg, pools in Ognikovo holiday houses, Desna, in WORLD Class fitness center “Reebok”, in the restaurant “Prichal”, etc., as well as in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Egypt and Georgia.

One of the company’s achievements is the construction of the highest swimming pool in the world, located at the level of 61 floors in the “Federation” tower of the “Moskva-City” business complex.

WHITE SPHERE was directly involved in the design and construction of the “Waterville” waterpark in Saint Petersburg. The company has carried out design and installation works on all water attractions and swimming pool water treatment systems.

As of today, WHITE SPHERE has 8 major projects implemented in Russia and the former Soviet Union Region. These are water parks with a full range of entertainment and services, as well as dozens of pools of various functional directions, like: sports, wellness, entertainment.

A Brief list of our projects:

  • Dolphin Waterpark in Nebug (our first Water park in Russia)
  • Golden Beach Waterpark, Anapa
  • Amphibious Waterpark, Adler
  • Sea Star Waterpark, Lazarevskoye
  • Blue Bay Waterpark, Simeiz
  • Waterpark in Sudak
  • U Lukomorya Waterpark, Yevpatoria
  • Waterville Waterpark, Saint Petersburg
  • Olympia Waterpark, Vityazevo
  • pool complex in Four Seasons Hotel, Moscow
  • 50-meter-long pool in Ukhta
  • 50-meter-long pool in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • 50-meter-long pool in Ukraine Hotel, Moscow
  • pool in Ognikovo Inn (22х10m pool with toboggan, whirlpool zone, hot springs, separate children’s pool with a ride)
  • pool in Rosinka Residence (25х12m pool with countercurrent flow, whirlpool zone, hot springs and aerohydromechanic rest zones, separate children`s pool)
  • pool in Desna Inn and Health Camp with the Presidential Department for Property Management (23х13m with 3m deep zone)
  • pool in the WORLD CLASS Fitness Center (entertainment complex with closed toboggan, aerohydromechanic cup, children`s pool)
  • pool in the Sports Complex in Kasimovo (25х12m, children`s pool)
  • two pools in Golden Keys Residence (21 and 16m)
  • two entertainment pools in Langepas
  • two entertainment pools in Volgograd
  • more than 100 private pools.

Our extensive experience in the design and construction of water entertainment complexes has allowed us to create a team of highly qualified managers who are professionally engaged in the managing water entertainment complexes. By entrusting management issues to the professionals, the commercial potential of the facility will be fully implemented, and the infrastructure will work as a well-established mechanism. The main goal of WHITE SPHERE in the field of management is that the client receives the maximum possible income from the commercial use of their object, competitiveness, preservation and increase of value in the market.

The following projects and facilities are under our technical and administrative management:

  • Sudak Waterpark in Sudak
  • U Lukomorya Waterpark, Yevpatoria
  • Blue Bay Waterpark, Yalta

We do our best for our clients. Our success is closely linked to the success of our Customers. That’s why we manage to build trust. We can proudly say that our Company is recommended to our friends.